Creative Audio Production

Got a cause or a project you want to promote? A story you’d like to tell your customers, clients, public or friends? Third Works can help you create audio content: from a 2 minute piece for your website or social media channels, to a fuller podcast/documentary that follows your journey from idea to start-up. Whatever story you’ve got that needs to be told, we can help you tell it.

Based in the West of Scotland we work with small groups, organisations, independents, charities and non-profits to help them tell their stories or those of the people they work with; the people who inspire them to get up in the morning to work, volunteer or simply get together with others.



We love audio! It’s a medium that fires and involves our imagination and we think it’s one of the most engaging means of telling a story. Some of the most memorable, affecting stories we’ve been told are those we’ve heard on the commute to work, on a drizzly Sunday stroll through the park or a sunny drive to the beach. Audio can transport, connect and inspire you.

Whether it’s a podcast, a short piece for your website or a production for use in-house, audio is a great way to say what you need to say.

If you need visuals as well, we can help combine your photos, graphics or even video. We’ve got friends with cameras too! So get in touch and tell us what you’ve got in mind.

No project’s too small: we exist to help good people do great things.



We love taking an idea and running with it. Tell us yours and see if we can keep pace!