From small groups and organisations, to independents, non-profits, schools, educators and charities – I support, work and collaborate with those in or around the Third Sector.

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Credits: Recording supervisor, producer and sound editor. Additional sound and SFX.

“With COP26 coming to Glasgow in November, we’ll be talking to people who are doing their bit to make the world more sustainable, and Scotland a Fair Trade Nation. We’re talking about Fair Trade, putting people and planet first in conversations about taking on big brands, good coffee, democracy, ethical supply chains, conscious consumers, sustainable business models, women’s empowerment, the climate emergency and more. Brought to you by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.”


Credits: Co-producer and creator. Sound editor, interviewer, researcher and narrator. Additional music, sound and SFX.

“Positive Negative creates discussion with a wide range of people around the same set of questions, building a picture of how a certain topic or event is affecting them.

In series one we discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. We connected with people from varying personal and professional backgrounds to see what impact the pandemic has had on them personally, professionally, economically, emotionally, physically and more.”


Credits: Producer, sound editor, narrator, interviewer, researcher, sound recorder. Additional music, sound and SFX.

“For Global Citizens inside & outside the classroom, we’ll be exploring the challenges that face us all as learners, educators and humans. With a wide range of voices and perspectives, each fortnightly episode will be packed with ideas, inspiration and insight into the world around us; both locally and globally.”


Credits: Producer and editor.

“In this episode we hear from Phillip Chidawati, Challenges Malawi, who is joined by farmers and others involved in our CROPS project. 

✔️Market approach to development in rural Malawi

✔️Climate resilience & adaptation through sustainable agricultural practices

✔️Support for Covid-19 recovery working in partnership

✔️ Increased crop productivity & value chain development

✔️Improved rural livelihoods”


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SOCIAL GOOD | Education | Third Sector

With a proven history of supporting and working with those across the Education and Third Sectors, over the last few years I’ve worked on a broad range of projects:

  • evidencing the impact of Global Citizenship education in Scottish schools
  • creating educational resources and facilitating sessions for young people & adults with additional support needs
  • supporting work based around social justice issues and/or working with marginalised groups
  • helping organisations to connect the dots between their work and its potential for deeper impact
  • supporting projects focused on The Global Goals/SDGs
  • telling stories through creative audio production
  • producing podcasts (from conception through to promotion & launch)
  • recording and editing audio to be used for educating, promoting and evidencing
  • writing articles/press-releases/resources, carrying out research and proofreading
  • providing support with social media, maintaining websites and providing other multimedia support
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